In a window of the size 1680×1050 or larger (tested with 1837×1204 and 1920×1080) bootScore now integrates the featured image in the bsTeaser size (560xXYZ) created by WordPress on behalf of the command add_image_size( ‘bsTeaser’, 560, 0, false); .

bootScore still offers a place of ~400xABC. But – after it has been decided by the bootScore (developer) hto integrated a larger picture (type bsTeaser), it enforces the browser to scale down the received image. That’s the reason why the image is not blurred any longer.

By playing around keep in mind, that your browser acts cleverly: After having the original photo in its cash, it embeds this version into the planned space. Hence, he is scaling down the photo, and you can’t see the blurring / distorting effect anymore.


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  • Good: Let WordPress automatically also create a thumbnail of the size of about width 560 (by preserving the aspect ratio) and enforce bootScore, to ask for / to deliver this new picture type (let’s call it ‘bsTeaser’)
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